Frequently Asked & Must Ask Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “unlimited visits” mean? 2018-01-24T13:23:36+00:00

Many hosting companies have a quota on how many visitors or “hits” you can have to your website before they start charging you more. We believe this is unfair as you are not in control of who visits your website and for example, should your site undergo a denial of service attack, you could reach your quota really quickly and be charged more. Our quota is based on bandwidth, no matter how many hits your site receives. Also, if you reach your quota on bandwidth, congratulations! You are getting popular and we recommend you upgrade your plan. Don’t worry though, if you reach your quota, we won’t just shut your site off.

Will you make a logo for me? 2018-01-24T13:13:59+00:00

Yes, QDS will help with not only help create your logo but your personal brand. We will work with you to set up your unique mark (logo) both in color and monochrome for for online and print applications. We will help you choose your color to place your mark on the world.

Must Ask Questions

I want to move to another hosting provider. How do I get my domain name and data? 2018-01-24T13:07:13+00:00

We strive to make it as painless as possible should you decide to move. Of course we don’t want to see you go, but we are adamant about the fact that your data is *yours*.  We zip up your website and send you a link to download onto your computer. Your domain name always belongs to you and we will walk you through a few easy steps to move it into your account.

Do you share my information? 2018-01-24T13:10:19+00:00

No. Privacy is a big deal with us. We don’t sell our customer’s data, nor do we give it away. We treat your data as if it were our own.

How much is an SSL Certificate? 2018-01-24T13:10:26+00:00

We provide SSL Certificates from ……. at no extra charge.